Local Adventures On E-Bikes

Local Adventures On E-Bikes

Massive fleet of E-Bikes

The Covid 19 Pandemic saw the Barbados Government impose restrictions that impacted businesses and it’s citizens both socially and economically.

Even with curfews being significantly relaxed now, business owners struggle to generate revenue in these troubling times and locals have a lack of things to do as social distancing remains a health practice.

A spark of ingenuity and maybe a bit of desperation saw Roger and Gregory of Ebike Island Adventure adapt their business model, which originally only provided Pedal Assisted Culture Tours and Half/Full day bike rentals, to offer 90 minute eBike trail rides.

Roger & Gregory, friends for over 20 years

The genius of this idea is that it offers locals the opportunity to get outdoors, stay active and rediscover Barbados.
My wife accepted the offer to accompany me on a Saturday morning trail ride and as a couple it gave us some much needed quality time. No kids, No traffic, No noise. BLISS!!!

Roger professionally goes through the technical aspects

Once we signed the necessary documents, did a bike fit, were briefed on the operation of the bikes and safety guidelines, it was off to explore on 2 wheels. We pedaled from the Brighton’s Farmers Market in St. George, which is held every Saturday. The route which was properly marked took us along the old historic Train Line route, officially ending at Three House Park.

Breathtaking morning views abound.

eBikes with their ability to provide pedal assistance, allowed my wife who is not an avid mountain biker like myself, to maintain a consistent riding pace without exhausting herself. The bikes have 5 modes (Off, Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo), with a walk mode that in the event of a dismount to hike, the bike engages the motors to slowly roll forward. This is a great way to get someone who wouldn’t think they are capable riding for an extended period, to get involved in a healthy active sport. No to mention for someone like me, it offers the ability to ride further, harder and still have a challenging workout.

Breathtaking morning views abound.

I’d like to encourage my fellow Bajans to go outdoors and grasp the opportunity to have a 90 min bike experience at an affordable price. I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

Snack time, quality time.

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